A Study In Scarlet


In der Folge der beiden Kinoadaptionen von Guy Ritchie und der brillanten britischen Fernsehserie erleben die originalen Romane rund um den viktorianischen Meisterdetektiv Sherlock Holmes und seinen Sidekick John Watson eine veritable Renaissance (in unserer Schulbibliothek sowohl in englischen als auch deutscher Sprache vorrätig). Die folgende Buchempfehlung erinnert an den ersten Band der Reihe. 


First published in 1887, “A Study in Scarlet” is the first of a long row of novels and shortstories featuring the famous character of Sherlock Holmes. The novel distinguishes itself with its lively and then modern language, funny dialogues - and if you, by chance, know the BBC series “Sherlock”, which refers to “A Study in Scarlet” in the first episode, you willcertainly enjoy the book twice as much.

The plot is narrated by the retired military doctor John Watson, who gets to knowSherlock Holmes in search of someone to share a flat with. He is soon to notice that his roommate is not of the common kind of man, but an ingenious and highly intelligent sociopath who doesn’t know that the earth travels round the sun). At number 3, Lauriston Gardens in an unoccupied house, a dead man is found. He doesn’t bear the slightest sign of a wound, but there are numerous blood marks around him, including the word “Rache” written on the wall. Whereas the Scotland Yard is at a loss, at the moment of  entering the site of crime, Sherlock Holmes already knows that themurderer was a man more than six feet high and in the prime of his life. (Verena Pilar, 8b)