After the "great war", the inhabitants of Chicago are divided into five factions (=groups) in order for the city to remain peaceful. Beatrice Prior, later called "Tris", is now old enough to take the most important test of her life which is supposed to tell her the faction she should choose to live in for the rest of her life. Once the decision was made, there is no going back.
When she discovers that the test didn’t work on her and therefore couldn’t give her clear results, she gives her best trying to hide her true identity as a "divergent" in order to survive in Dauntless. But she is not alone. Her instructor, Four, helps her trough the rough time, and together they discover an awful secret. Let the fight for justice begin ...


Divergent is the first book of the dystopian series written by Veronica Roth, an American author for young adult literature. The main themes include family, standing up for your beliefs, friendship, being brave and, of course, love. It is very well written and easy to understand – for people who’d rather watch a movie: The DVD is available in the school library as well! (Agnes Dietrich, 8a)