Brian Robeson is a 13-year-old boy. His parents have split up, and so he flies from bis mother's home in New York to his father's in the north of Canada. He is the only passenger on the small plane. Suddenly the pilot gets a heart attack and dies. Brian can crashland the plane successfully, but now he has to survive in the wilderness - with only the hatchet his mother gave him before he set off for his journey ...


This famous book by Gary Paulsen is written in a very exciting way. It is fascinating because everything takes place outside our civilisation and Brian has to find a way to survive alone in the woods. The author describes Brian's feelings and thoughts very well, and so you can put yourself into the boy's situation. All in all, it's a very good book and I can recommend it to everyone who's into adventure stories. (Helena Brandner, 4b)


Das Buch ist in der Bibliothek auch in deutscher Sprache vorhanden.