Stanley has to go to a boys' detention centre called Camp Green Lake. There he and the other boys must dig holes, exactly five feet deep and five feet wide. There is no lake anymore, there is only desert. Digging holes is a very hard job, but some people think it will build the boys' character. Stanley finds out soon that the warden is looking for something. He wants to know what it could be ...


I liked this book by Luis Sachar very much because it's full of adventure. The story really grabbed me, some chapters are absolutely thrilling. I found the idea that Stanley's family is under a curse and the way the boy tries to stop it very interesting. There are many different young people at Camp Green Lake, which makes the book interesting, too. My favourite character is Stanley, because he is clever, brave and helpful, so I quite like him. I would definitely recommend this book, it is really exciting and you can't stop reading. (Aaron Lang, 4b)


Wir haben das Buch in der Bibliothek unter dem Titel "Löcher" auch in deutscher Sprache.