Kiss Kiss


In this famous book by Roald Dahl there are eleven shocking and mostly unpredictable short stories full of black humour. Take, for example, the story "The Landlady": Billy Weaver is looking for a cheap but also comfortable hotel. After some time he finds a nice bed&breakfast. The owner is an elderly lady who is definitely not as nice as you might think. In fact, she's the opposite of a lovely lady ...


I liked this book very much. I like and understand black humour as it appears in these stories. Apart from "The Landlady", my favourite ones are "Parson's Pleasure" and "William and Mary". I admire Roald Dahl for his creativity and talent. This is a book for advanced readers of English who like a mixture of bizarre and crime stories. (Annika Lozar, 4b)


Abgesehen von dieser Sammlung von Kurzgeschichten in Klassenstärke haben wir in der Bibliothek viele der berühmten Kinderbücher von Roald Dahl in deutscher und englischer Sprache vorrätig.