Of Mice and Men

I have recently read the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and I can really recommend it. Even though it was already published in 1937, it is still interesting and its timeless story and themes haven't lost their meaning. In addition, it is a very good example of literature dealing with the topic of the American Dream and gives an impression of the US in the 1930s, the times of the Great Depression.

Two friends, smart George and strong but mentally retarded Lennie, have to leave the farm on which they worked. On the way to a new working place, they spend the night near a river. There, they talk about their dream of their very own farm with cows, pigs, chicken and rabbits for Lennie. George reminds his friend that he should learn to control his strength as otherwise he would not be allowed to tend the rabbits. The next day, they come to a farm where they find a new job. The farmworkers react in a reserved way, and especially Lennie gets in trouble with them. Nevertheless, the two friends start their work and when they meet old Candy, who wants to help them by giving them the money he has saved, their dream doesn't seem so impossible any more. But then Lennie cannot control his strength once again

I don’t want to tell more but this: Honestly, this book is worth reading as it is very thrilling and emotional at the same time. (Aaron Lang, 8a)