Fifth-grader Peter Hatcher has a little brother called "Fudge", who still goes to kindergarden. But one day their parents tell them that they are going to have a baby in a few months' time. Peter can't bevlieve that - he simply doesn't want to have another sibling. And then they move from New York City to Princeton, New Jersey, because hsi father wants to write a book and his mother wants to teach art history. Peter isn't very happy about all that - but what can he do?


I like this book by Judy Blume very much, becaue it is very funny and not difficult to read. The story could also happen in real life. It is one part of a series of books about Peter and his family. I recommend this book to everyone who likes witty and amusing stories with a big mess and a happy ending. (Michaela Grötz, 4b)