Lovely, heart-warming and amusing – these are the three words which describe the book best as it is a brilliant novel by Roald Dahl for both, children and adults.

In one of her sleepless nights, a young orphan named Sophie sees a giant man carrying a strange bag and a something like a trumpet while walking through the streets. Although she tries to hide, the giant sees her. He grabs Sophie, takes her out of the orphanage and runs away with her. Finally in his cave, Sophie fears for her life, but the giant who turns out to be the BFG, the big friendly giant, tells her that he isn't like the others who eat little children or, as he calls it, “human beans”. Sophie has to stay with the BFG because nobody is allowed to know that he exists nor what he does …

Written in such a lovely style that one - or at least it was the case with me - really wants to meet the BFG, let him tell you all of his stories and accompany him at his duty which gets really funny because of his new creations of words. In our library, there is also the film adaptation of the story, directed by Steven Spielberg. (Julia Straßberger, 8a)