The Catcher in the Rye


J. D. Salingers berühmter Coming of age-Roman, von dem auch heute noch angeblich 250.000 Stück pro Jahr verkauft werden, war Klassenlektüre im Englischunterricht der 8c. Hier einige Stimmen von Schülerinnen und Schülern:


"Got a little catcher in you? ... Phony - like our society!" (Bernhard Grusch)

"Ideas I had when reading this book:

 * School can be hard sometimes but I think when you're finished with it you'll miss it!

* Sometimes you just want to talk about life!

* Siblings always care for each other even though they don't see each other often!" (Magdalena Kaiser)

"A novel that says what teenagers across the globe really think. Sometimes you can't find the right way immediately, but in the end everything will turn out fine." (Julia Hackl)

"I liked the novel very much as it deals with realistic themes such as relationships within families, leaving school at an early age and sexuality. Thus, most of the readers can identify with at least some of the book's topics." (Sophia Rameder)
"The phoniest boy in the world, talking about how phony the world is ... "People never notice anything" - a sentence by Holden Caulfield, a very intelligent but very lonely boy ... An intellectual boy dealing with the stupid question where to the ducks disappear during winter." (Jacqueline Perdula)
"Whilst reading the book, I noticed that nearly everybody can identify with the story. That's why it is such a great book and still sold today." (Michael Bünger)
"You can never be too phony to read this book! ... Catch the book in the library and read it in the rye!" (Jonas Kalab)
"I liked the book because it's a novel which is still up to date. Although it was written quite a long time ago, it describes our society very well. Furthermore, the book tells us how difficult relationships in families can be, especially when you're coming of age." (Florian Lochner)
"I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it." (Leander Erasmus, quoting J. D. Salinger)
"This book is certainly a good topic to have a discussion about, because of the controversy concerning its story. Yet that is what makes it such an interesting read. “The Catcher in the Rye” surely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, however it is an interesting read with a gallon of bitter and cold reality, mixed up with some humour and absurdity." (Cathrin Hamernik)
"If you can't catch anything, try the rye! Life will catch you in an unexpected moment, as the wind catches the rye. If you want to be succesful, first you have to start doing small things better, because the very basic things are the most important, as rye is for bread." Deniz Penik)