The Talented Mr. Ripley

Trying to make a living as a young man in New York City can be hard. Tom Ripley agrees to help shipping magnate Herbert Greenleaf on bringing his son Dickie, an early acquaintance of Tom's, back from Italy, where he is enjoying the good life of “bella Italia” in the small village of Mongibello. Since Tom is not busy, he then decides to leave the Big Apple and start his journey to Europe.

After becoming obsessed with Dickie, Tom kills him being afraid he might lose him. He somehow manages to live Dickie's life without being recognized by his friends or the police. And he even commits a second murder as the story continues ...

Brilliantly written by Patricia Highsmith, this is a "whydunit" crime novel which constantly gives the reader new questions about Tom Ripley's personality. As a reader you're constantly guessing how the main character may manage getting away with all his criminal actions - this makes the novel a real pageturner. There's also the film version starring Matt Damon and Jude Law on DVD in our library. (Paul Resch, 8a)