Tally is looking forward to her sixteenth birthday, when her life will change forever. She and the other kids of the same age are going to have "the" operation - they will become pretty, and then they just have to go to parties and enjoy life. Shay, Tally’s new friend, isn’t excited about the changes and wants to stay ugly. She knows the bad sides of this prettiness, therefore she runs away. Then the authorities give Tally two options: to find Shay or stay ugly.


Uglies is the first of the four books in this series. It is very well written by author Scott Westerfeld, who found an interesting topic for his book. It shows how the world might be like in many years when the media continue idealizing the current beauty ideal. You can identify with the main character Tally because she has the same problem like most teenagers - she wants to be pretty. The book is easy to read, and I really enjoyed it. (Antonia Surböck, 5a)