Boot Camp

This film is about a group of teenagers whose parents send them to a so-called „boot camp“ to learn to behave. But the camp isn't as good as the adults think. The teenagers get drugged. Then they are brought to an island in the Fiji archipelago, so  escaping is nearly impossible. They even have to wear cuffs with sensors on their ankles to warn the security in case they're attempting to escape. The kids get brainwashed and have to work very hard. One of the main characters named Sophie Bauer rebels against the owner of the camp, Dr. Arthur Hail. Later her boyfriend Ben, who has followed her to the island, and some other kids join her. But will they be able to escape fom the island?

The movie is based on true events because from 1971 to 1981 - even if it's hard to believe -, the American government really had such boot camps. The main character is starred by young Mila Kunis before her big breakthrough. Ben is played by Gregory Smith, who directed a few episodes of series like The Flash but hasn't had any bigger parts in movies. All in all, the film is great and the actors did a great job. (Marlies Bauer and Clara Bösel, 5a)