House of Cards

Deeply cynical about human beings as well as politics and almost gleeful in its portrayal of limitless ambition, the series House of Cards is a wonderful take on power and corruption. The main character, Francis Underwood, is a ruthless congressman who is greedy for power. He knows everyone’s secrets and motivations and therefore, he is able to force others to make decisions in his favour. Together with his wife Claire, he tries to work his way towards the Oval Office. This corrupt couple is a perfect combination that has the ability to achieve their goals by skilful decisions.

Apart from an interesting storyline, the cinematography is very well done. This series involves its viewers when Francis is talking to them and thus, it creates a more intense viewing experience.

Despite the recent rumours concerning Kevin Spacey, who is the actor of the main character, House of Cards is still one of the best series you can watch. The political drama tells a fascinating story about success regardless of the side-effects it can cause. If you are interested in politics, this is definitely a series you should watch. (Matthias Meyer, 8a)