Life of Pi

Life of Pi is a survival drama film from 2012. It is about sustaining oneself, faith and loosing your family.

An Indian boy called Pi survives a shipwreck in which his whole family dies. After this tragedy he is on a lifeboat - and there's a tiger on board as well. At first, Pi is afraid of the dangerous animal but after some time they get along with each other. The boy finds out how to find food for both of them and there is an amazing twist at the end.

At the beginning we thought that it would be an adventure film with a happy ending, but it was also sad and the scene in which his family died was really moving and we nearly had to cry.

It’s a very good film which everybody should have seen as it makes you think about what really matters in life. (Lena Braunsteiner and Maida Besic, 5a)