Moulin Rouge


“Moulin Rouge!” is an Australian-American romantic musical film which was directed by Baz Luhrmann and released in 2001. The story, which takes place in the cabaret “Moulin Rouge” in Paris, is about a young writer that falls in love with a courtesan.


About one year after the writer Christian came to Paris and met the courtesan Satine, he writes their story down on his typewriter. That is the way the plot is told.


In Paris Christian meets some members of the Bohemian movement. As a writer he gets involved in their show “Spectacular Spectacular”, which they want to perform in the “Moulin Rouge”. He gets to know Satine there and immediately falls in love with her. But Harold Zidler, the owner of the cabaret, has already promised her to a wealthy Duke who is an investor of the “Moulin Rouge” and wants to have Satine for himself. The Duke eventually finds out about the love between Christian and Satine and threatens to have Christian killed if they do not stop seeing each other. The story ends with Satine, who suffers from tuberculosis, dying in Christian’s arms.


“Moulin Rouge!” is a great, but also sad love story. I think that it is very moving and emotional and that the music creates a good atmosphere and supports the characters’ feelings. The “Moulin Rouge” is kind of an own world with all the shows and entertainment. In my opinion the film is also visually very well done. (Veronika Kahrer, 8b)