Son of Rambow

Son of Rambow is an action-comedy directed by Garth Jennings. It is a funny film about friends, faith and growing up.

At school the two boys Will and Lee get to know each other and after Lee has shown his new friend the film Rambo, they want to recreate it. In their new version Will is supposed to play Rambo's son. During the shooting of the film, other students and even the exchange student Didier from France want to star in it, too. The boys get into a dispute because Will wants to do the film together with the other students, but Lee is against it. Will and the boys insult Lee and send him away. Nevertheless, Lee comes back and rescues Will when he almost drowns.

The actors did very well and all in all, Son of Rambow is a very funny and exciting film which is definitely worth watching. (Anam Hussain and Hannah Schmid, 5a)