Stand By Me


Stand By Me is a 1986 road movie about friendship based on the novella The Body by Steven King. Its a story about four boys who set out on a journey to find a dead body. During their adventure they discover themselves and their bond strenghtens. The movie describes the differences of friendship of 12-year-old boys and a group of older ones. What we get is a convincing 1950s setting with lots of evergreens like Lollipop, Every day and, of course, the title song. After his success with When Harry met Sally, director Rob Reiner tells a funny story with brilliant performances by child-actors River Phoenix and Wil Wheaton. It is a melancholic flashback to a childhood full of wonders and first times such as sneaking outside of the house, camping in the woods, standing up to older boys and finding leeches on ones private parts. Stand By Me  definitely puts a smile on ones face.

(Nicole Pop, Johanna Fritthum, Rebecca Pitik, Verena Pilar, Veronika Kahrer, Paul Jirkowsky, Wpf E 8. Kl.)