The Elephant Man


The Elephant Man is a black-and-white movie from 1980, starring John Hurt as John Merrick and Anthony Hopkins as Dr.Treeves, based on the real story of Joseph Merrick, who lived during the Victorian Age.

It's about the attraction of a freakshow, John Merrick, called "The Elephant Man". He has numerous tumors that deform his body . One day, Dr.Treeves encounters him and asks his "owner" if he can present him to a medical audience. After that, he gets him to the hospital to study him and tries to integrate him in society. At the end, The Elephant Man, now called John Merrick by most people, is so satisfied with the world that was presented to him that he commits suicide.

The movie is one of the most touching ones I've ever watched. Seeing this poor man who seems to be punished by life with a grateful soul that he shows to everyone makes you really think about your own life and all the good things that we have got used to as if they were nothing. (Crystal Tiki, 6a)