The Kid


Released in 1921, the silent movie The Kid is still considered as one of the all-time masterpieces of the cinematographic art. A tear and a smile - six reels of joy - its tagline still meets the audience’s great expectations.


At first Charlie, the tramp, tries to abandon the abandoned child but then develops fatherly feelings for the kid. He raises him as if he was his own son. When the kid is about to be taken away from the tramp to an orphanage, his real mother who has become a famous actress in the meantime starts looking for the boy …


We think that The Kid is a must-see because it was the first movie combining tragedy and comedy. And even 90 years later the story makes you laugh and touches your heart as Chaplin tells about his own dramatic childhood experiences. (Rebecca Pitik 8bx, Paul Jirkowsky, Johanna Fritthum, Nicole Pop, 8a)