The King's Speech

The historical drama The King’s Speech deals with George VI (Colin Firth) overcoming his stutter when becoming King of England.

Although George (the father of Queen Elizabeth II) is widely considered unfit to be king, he is forced to succeed to the throne after his elder brother abdicated. This happens while Britain is on the edge of World War II – the nation would need an especially strong voice for guidance but George tends to stamme in situations of crises. Hence, he consults the eccentric speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) with whom a deep friendship develops.

I would definitely recommend watching the film! Even though the focus is on the moving story, many historical details are mixed in. The actors portray their characters excellently and Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush harmonize very well. Moreover, the music and the setting create a beautiful atmosphere and, of course, British humour plays an important part as well. To sum up, the Oscar for Best Picture was really deserved. (Antonia Surböck, 8a)