The Perks of Being a Wallflower


„The Perks of Being a Wallflower“ is a film adaptation of the coming-of-age novel of the same title, written by Stephen Chbosky, who also directed the movie. The film stars famous Emma Watson and newcomer Logan Lerman.


The plot of the movie follows Charlie, a freshman who is afraid of the first day of high school. He is a very shy and strange boy, which makes it hard for him to find friends. He bonds with his English teacher. Later on he becomes friends with two seniors, Patrik and his stepsister Sam with whom he falls in love. Charlie admits to Sam that his best friend committed suicide the year before. Charlie finds out that Patrik is gay and has a secret relationship with one of the popular seniors.


Love is one of the reasons why every main character suffers troughout the story. Charlie is in love with Sam but starts dating her friend Mary Elizabeth. This relationship ends when Charlie is asked to kiss the most beautiful girl in the room and he turns to Sam. Patrik’s relationship ends because his boyfriend is afraid of his homophobic father. Sam always gets into relationships with the wrong boys who break her heart. That is until she falls in love with Charlie. When finally Sam and Patrik leave for college, Charlie starts having memories of his aunt. He blames himself for her death, because she died while getting his Christmas present. His sister realizes that he is suicidal and calls the police. Charlie is sent to the hospital and tells the psychiatrist that he was sexually abused by his aunt but he still loves her. The movie ends with Charlie, Sam and Patrik meeting again.

I would recomend this movie, because it is filled with a wide range of emotions. Some scenes make you smile and laugh and others make you start crying almost instantly. Even after watching the movie a total of five times, I still can’t hold my tears during what I consider to be one of the most beautiful endings. Being a teenager myself, I related to the characters even though their stories were so unique. „We all accept the love we think we deserve“ - and this movie deserves it all. (Rebecca Pitik, 8bx)