The Walk

The Walk is a biopic from 2015 based on a true story. The dream of the French wire-walker Philippe Petit is to make a wire-walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. When he was a child, he developped the passion for wire-walking when a circus was in his town. The owner of the circus, Papa Rudy, teaches him and gives him valuable hints. He practices without permission between the towers of Notre Dame cathedrale in Paris. In 1974 he goes together with his girlfriend Annie, his best friend Jean-Louis, and another friend Jeff to New York to prepare his big „coup“. After many preparations the day has come. The walk is scheduled for 7th August 1974. Is he really going to do it?

It’s a very good movie. Apart from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the main actors are French, however their English is easy to understand. For those who also learn French it’s also good practice because a lot of the conversations are in French (with English subtitles). The excitement lasts until the end. (Laura Fürböck, 5a)