Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies is a romantic comedy about a zombie apocalypse. It is based on a novel by Isaac Marion. The movie was written and directed by Jonathan Levine. The protagonists are “R”, played by Nicholas Hoult, and Julie, who is played by Teresa Palmer.

The film is about their relationship. R is a zombie. He spends his day like every day – slandering around the city with his friend M. His "life" is not very interesting. As a zombie he does not have a heartbeat and needs human flesh to survive. One day, a group of surviving people come to this place. They want to find other survivors. When R sees Julie for the first time, he feels a tiny heartbeat. He kidnaps her but does not kill her. He develops feelings for Julie and helps her to survive in the city full of zombies. Every minute R spends with the girl he loves, his heartbeat becomes stronger. In the end he is an ordinary boy again.

I really love that film because on the one hand, it is funny and romantic and on the other hand, it is dramatic and creepy. The bound of love between R and Julie is really strong. Hoult and Palmer have been chosen perfectly for their roles. (Magdalena Führer, 8a)