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Wie sehr das Ansehen des Films Club der toten Dichter/Dead Poets Society dazu angetan ist, die Fantasie zu beflügeln, haben jüngst Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 5a bewiesen. Ihre poetischen Werke sind im Folgenden nachzulesen. Sie sollen auch allen anderen Hobby-Dichtern Mut machen - unsere Bibliothekshomepage stellt sich als Forum für Veröffentlichungen dieser Art zur Verfügung. Einsendungen über die Kontaktadresse sind willkommen!



Dear teddybear


Dear teddybear,

thank you for letting me cry

into your soft fur.

Thank you

for not saying: "Be a big girl,

stop crying!"

Thank you

for cuddling with me when I'm afraid

of the ghost under my bed.

Thank you

 for not saying: "Ghosts do not exist."

Thank you

for being there everytime I need you.

Dear teddybear,

I will never forget you.

(Nadine Lux, 5a)



Hey there,

I’m a bear.

But I want to be

a wannabe bee

so that I don’t need any money

for my honey.

(Alexander Pilar, 5a)



               No matter how hard my life will be                  

There will always be you

Who holds me tight

And never lets go

Who makes me laugh

When my eyes are filled with tears

Who I can trust

Who gives all the love he has

Who stands by my side.

You filled the empty hole in my heart -

That was dark inside -

                   With love.                

I hope you know

How much you mean to me

(Angelika Freitag, 5a)




It’s cold outside,
the snow is white.
I make a rhyme,
about Christmas time.
I love the Christmas tree
and I like to drink some tea.
Soon it’s Christmas time
and this was my rhyme.

(Stefanie Rehrl, 5a)




It has no corners,

it is round.

You have to eat it with honor,

buy it for 7 pounds.

With cheese and oregano,

and some are vegan.

With ham or fish

Fast as a dish.

It has no corners,

it is round.

Fast Pizza

For just 7 pounds.

(Magdalena Führer, 5a)



The shadow


On a green meadow,

there was a big shadow.


I´ve never seen that before,

maybe it´s something to adore.


I hope it´s nothing bad,

´cause I´m so afraid.


Do you have the courage you need?

If yes, let´s move your feet.


Do you know what I can see?

There is a big, cute bumblebee.

(Julia Straßberger, 5a)



Once there was love,

once there was joy,

and with one only word

you destroyed that all.


I tried to forget you,

I tried it so hard,

But I just can’t stop wondering,

What could've torn us apart.


Now I’m sitting here,

Wishing I could turn back time,

Wishing I could take out my book of life,

To cross out your line.


'Cause after all I still love you,

And wishing you would, too,

Is the most painful thing

I will ever have to get through.

(Crystal Tiki, 5a)





Oh snow, Oh snow

I love you so


When I feel you

under my skiis

I fall down on my knees


When I fall down on my knees

With my face to the rising sun

I feel that the day will be nothing

But fun, fun, fun


And when the sun's shining

In my heart so bright

I just want to

Ride, ride, ride


Oh snow, Oh snow

I love you so

(Paul Resch, 5a)




Because of my bird’s “peep“,

I can’t fall asleep,

I’m so weak!

I shoot him down from the cage’s peak,

Now he’s falling deep.

He only lived one week.

My bird was a Greek,

Now he’s a dead freak.

Finally, I can sleep.

(Agnes Dietrich, 5a)



Birds, they fly


Birds, they fly

Touch the sky

Glide through clouds

Stand out in crowds


Birds, they fly

Dive through the sky

Rise in height

Against the light


Birds, they fly

Embrace the sky

Unfold their wings

When dawn sings


Birds, they fly

High in the sky

Are totally free

Like I wanna be

(Amelie Zotter, 5a)



The Black Cat


There was a cat

which was black

and called Jack.


Jack met a Rat

which was red

and called Mad.


When Mad saw Jack,

the rat turned black,

the cat turned a rat.


Now Mad was Jack

and Jack was Mad.

(Matthias Meyer, 5a)





             The leaves change their colour.

The sky is dark grey.

The cold wind is blowing.

The neighbour's hat flies away.

The leaves fall down,

lie on the ground and get brown.

The days go by faster.

You guess the quiz like a master -

its Autumn -

and basta !

(Tim Reichert, 5a)





Birdy, Birdy,

in the sky,

what are you doing to my eye?

It smells like sugar,

it looks like soup -

oh my God, it’s birdy poop!

(Monica Brandtner, 5a)



  Oh Will, I know

Oh Will, I love you I just know, you do too                                                 

In my sleep I call your name                       

And I just know, you do the same

Saying it’s impossible ‘cause you live in a book

I think you know that won’t let you off the hook

A love like yours and mine - wait, can you hear that ‘Quack’?

Know, I’ll protect you and stand between you and that vicious duck

So, Will! Let’s bond and marry

Yes, I know that your chest is hairy

That was obviously a lie

'Coz ape like men make me cry

And we all know the truth:

William Herondale's skin is fabulously smooth

But enough of that crap

Upsie daisy, of course I meant chat

Oh Will, I love you

I just know you do, too          

Oh, and guys, don’t give me that look

I couldn’t help falling in love with that boy from the book. 

       (Carolyn Kraus, 5a)





Sing a song and let us fly

Let us fly before you die

Before you die I have to cry

I have to cry so let us fly


Let us fly above the sky

Above the sky you see me cry

You see me cry and ask me „why?“

You ask me „why?“ and I say „Because you die“

(Raphael Sachs, 5a)



My reflection in the mirror

There is no smile on my face

No emotions

Walking alone in the streets

But they are empty

Just like my heart


After waking up from a dream

that was about you

This morning of reality feels so empty


Without you

I don’t know what to do

And that’s true

    You don’t feel like I do    

  (Michelle Gal, 5a)




If the rain dosen’t want to stop

and the leaves don’t want to stay

then everybody will know

fall is coming slow.

(Helena Brandner, 5a)



Peter and the Turkey


Every year Peter cooks a turkey at Christmas

But this time he had fun, more or less


After gutting out the animal, he was now able

To stuff out the dead turkey with a lot of vegetable


When he wanted to put the turkey into the oven

He thought: ”A good turkey this year I've chosen!”


But walking over, he slipped on the floor

And he threw the turkey beside the door


Because the turkey lay in the muckiness

He had to use his cleverness


But his thought was very perky,

Because he didn't want to cook a new turkey


Everybody ate the food,

But nevertheless Peter was in a bad mood


Then he heard: ”This is the best turkey you have ever made,

And this will be so for a decade!”


Very big was Peter's happiness,

'Cause nobody had noticed that cooking the turkey had been such a mess!

(Annika Lozar, 5a)





The leaves are red

I walk ahead

The leaves are yellow

They seem so mellow

The leaves are brown

They are falling down

(Antonia Surböck, 5a)



The turkey


Once in a thanksgiving night

A turkey wasn’t alright


He tried not to land on a plate

None of the humans was his mate


He felt so frustrated

He was ill-fated!


The turkey wanted to flee

He hid under a tree


After a short time

The turkey wasn’t fine -


He was served on a silver plate

(Antonia Surböck, 5a)